Phillip Lim style necklace ( code N20 )

The necklace is a unique project made with golden colored metallic wire. Contains a silver foil square bead also.

Blue Sands Necklace ( code N19 )

Multistrand necklace ( 19 strands ), made with assorted colour seed beads ( 2mm ).

Cleopatra Set ( code S11 ) SOLD

The set contains: necklace, bracelet and earrings made with silver foil square beads and copper coloured big link chain.

Golden Age Set ( code S10 )

Multistrand necklace and bracelet. The necklace contains 14 strands and the bracelet 10 strands. Made with 2 mm copper-gold coloured seed beads.

Lucky Star Necklace ( code N18 ) NICKEL FREE!!!

Made with cracked beads ( 14 mm ) and metalic chain. The pendant made with crystals, shell round beads, metalic beads, silver foil beads and glass beads.

Mystic Teal Necklace ( code N17 ) SOLD

45 cm long necklace. Materials used: plastic silver coins and teal glass beads.

Woody Necklace ( code N16 )

Materials used: wooden beads ( 14mm and 25 mm ), beadalon wire and metalic claps ( 2 cm ).

Sea food ( code B18 )

Bracelet with metallic charms.

Violette Dream ( code N25 )

Crystal beads, metallic butterflies and silver foil beads.

Totem ( code N24 ) SOLD

Glass beads, silver foil square beads and metallic elements.

Semeli ( code N23 )

Round beads of shell, crystal beads, acrylic beads, metallic smileys, and glass beads with metallic elements

Mother of the Pearl ( code N22 )

Shell beads.

Imperial ( code S18 )

Crystal beads and acrylic beads.

Greanny ( code N21 )

Metallic elements & wooden beads.

Green Illusion ( code N20 )

Silver foil square beads and crystal beads.

Funny Red ( code B17 ) SOLD

Plastic & metallic elements

East Dangle ( code S17 )

Glass beads, silver foil beads, crystal and metallic bells.

Ocean Blue ( code N19 )

Glass beads.

Black & Purse ( code B16 ) SOLD

Big black glass beads and metalic charms.

Biconic Beauty ( code B15 )

Made with 4 mm crystal bicones.

code E25 SOLD

Silver foil beads and bali style metalic beads.

code B14

Memory wire and acrylic beads.

code S16

Organza ribbon, mix of acrylic, Bali type metallic beads and silver foil beads.

code S15

Long necklace. Materials used: seed beads, antique copper pandant and Feng Shui coins.

Code N18 SOLD

Mix of acrylic, glass and silver foil beads.
Every project is available only in one piece. For the prices ask for the list of prices via e-mail.

code N17 SOLD

Cracked glass beads and sylver foil large green bead

code N16

seed beads necklace

code S14 SOLD

4 mm glass seed beads, sylver foil bead and Bali style metalic beads.

code S13

Long necklace made from wooden beads, memory wire bracelet and earrings

code S12 SOLD

Wood beads and Bali spacers with magnetic clasp. Includes: necklace, earrings and stretch bracelet

code S11 SOLD

Mix of materials: metalic beads, glass pearls, seed beads, crystals

Detail of the pandant ( sorry the photo isn't that good : ( )

code E24

Natural stone beads

code E23

Sylver foil beads and tiny cracked glass beads

code E22

Cracked glass beads and hematite beads

code E21 SOLD

Natural shell beads

code E20

Cracked glass beads

code E19 SOLD

Cracked glass beads

code E18 SOLD

Natural stone beads

code E17 SOLD

Glass beads heart shaped

code E16

Sylver foil beads and tiny glass beads

code E15

Sylver foil violet beads and tiny glass pink beads

code E14 SOLD

Lampwork glass beads

code E13 SOLD

Shell coin beads